The Secret To Starting A New Fitness Journey


Have you ever decided to get fit by starting a fitness program? The truth is that you might find it more difficult as I did the moment I began mine! It was very discouraging at first, but I had to pull through to get my desired result. It is not easy to start a fitness journey as there can be a lot of discouragements along the line. But let us face the fact! Living healthy does not come naturally or easy. Nothing Worth it came easy for me. I even have that tatted on my ribs. You have to put in principles, hard work and determination. Let me share a few secrets with you on how I started my fitness journey!

1. starting small should be your next big thing!

I’ve heard from an online mentor once that a person’s commitment level to a particular task determines whether the person will succeed or not. This is a major first step to a successful fitness journey! You should also ensure that you start bit by bit but consistently and with great determination. Do you think this might be difficult for you? Nah! Like I said before, determination is the key! It takes three weeks to get use to a habit with consistency. Breaking away from bad eating habits and late-night food will come with constant and deliberate discipline. You literally have to work at it day by day until it gets easier. One more thing, do not miss work out days! This might seem obvious and it also might discourage you when you don’t see improvements as soon as you would like but if a workout is scheduled to be done don’t skip it. But come to think of it, how would you see improvements when you miss work out days? I am begging you right now, don’t miss work out days! If you must do it later, later is better than skipping. Just make sure you get it done. Some is better than none! You can begin with push-ups, squatting and other little forms of exercise depending on what your goals are for your body.

2. Set obtainable goals!

One major thing that has helped my fitness commitment is the goals I set for myself. Setting up goals makes your daily routine achievable. Starting your fitness journey is setting an achievable goal. Do not set a goal outside your reach. If you do so, you might be setting yourself to fail rather than succeed. I am sure you don’t want that! You should set little actionable goals for yourself like working out 3-4 times weekly. I don’t think that is much for anyone who wants to be better! Is it? These goals can be achieved with ease and you will be able to achieve them once you have set them and created a routinely habit. Then, you can move on to the bigger goals!

3. Be mentally strong!

Negative thought is something I do not get close to! You shouldn’t either! This is one of my secret to maintaining a good fitness journey. Trust me, this will help you avoid negative thoughts and kicking against depression! Negative mental health can lead to the termination of your set goals. It is always better to look for positive things to do to enable you to keep a positive mindset. Being Better Bodied includes your mental health. You are can use daily affirmations Like I do to help create the daily practice of positive thinking. Just like anything, it takes practice to change and get better at something. Try this out! It really works!

4. Do not rely on the scale

Scale is a no go area for monitoring your progress! I do not like using it, and you shouldn’t rely on it! In your quest to start a fitness journey, a lot of individuals make use of a scale to determine their fitness progress. This is however a good tool to use but it can kill your motivation especially when you are putting in a lot of effort and your numbers are not improving. I always say to focus on your non scale victories that you are noticing along your journey. These can be things like your quality of sleep, moving with no pain, increased energy and happier moods, more confidence and clothes fitting better, losing inches and feeling tighter skin, not being out of breath going up the same flight of stairs that you were panting trying to breathe doing before. Being able to keep up with the kids, better poster as you work, not craving sweets of a nap or that extra pick me up coffee, Smiling more. These are all wins!

Scales can be faulty at times! You might be a victim of wrong scale interpretation and this is not good for your training level! This might leave you in a state of doubt wondering if your exercise is actually paying off or not. Hence, it goes a long way to either discourage or encourage you. It is better you leave it out till you’re done with your fitness program.

Using a scale might give you unrealistic expectations and I am sure you don’t want that! If you keep working hard during workouts, move your body and make healthy decision on a daily basis during your fitness journey, you will see results! You may expect more than what your body can actually deliver per day, do your best and forget the rest. This is why you need to throw your scale out until you are done with your fitness program and just take things task by task, day by day.

A BETTER version of YOU starts TODAY!

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