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Updated: Dec 15, 2019

You know that you could do better in your life!

Something is missing; there is some area where you could improve in leaps and bounds.

At Be Better Bodied, we are committed to helping you figure out just what that is so that you can achieve your ultimate fitness results. We are right there with you throughout your wellness and fitness journey, serving all your needs: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. We believe that the mind, the body, and the spirit work best when they are working in conjunction with one another, which is why we emphasize a balanced approach to fitness, one that takes into account every area of your life.

We want to see you thriving!

We believe that there is nothing outside your reach, as long as you cultivate a positive lifestyle and strive for greatness day in and day out. Here, you will find advice, workout programs, and workout accessories to help you reach your potential in a holistic way and become a better person overall.If you look around the fitness industry, you will see that there are just a few philosophies that have become prevalent. There are those who attempt to break down physical fitness to a science and push the body to its absolute limits, and there are those who posit that you can go "no days off" and push and push and push. While we applaud those who work hard at any fitness program, we at Be Better Bodied have taken a different approach, focusing on your total wellness. We want you to grow both in your physical strength and in your mental capabilities. As you become stronger emotionally and as you learn more about the world, you can set yourself up for more consistent growth and more impressive long-term results.

Be Better Bodied was born out of a simple ethos: all your needs matter. You don't want to burn yourself out, because then you suffer emotionally. It doesn't do you any good to sit back and forget about hard work altogether. Rather, you should think of yourself holistically.

At Be Better Bodied, you will find tips, advice, accessories, and products to help you do just that! We have set a goal, to help people be better all-around.

Are you ready to Be Better Bodied?

My fitness journey means more to me than what meets the eye.

Fitness to me is only one part of the equation when you are trying to add up the pieces to your life to get to true wellness. It takes more than a vigorous exercise regimen and a strict diet to improve yourself in a meaningful way. Many people learn this over a period of years, and many people never learn it at all. It is always frustrating to me to watch people keeping their noses to the grindstone and coming up short in terms of their results. That is why I champion a holistic, all-around approach through Be Better Bodied.

Because you are not just your muscles, you need to consider your emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being as well as your physical fitness. Complete wellness requires you to take a complete look at who you are as a person and what your unique needs are.

Be Better Bodied is here to guide you along the way!

It’s so much more than a physical process, it’s actually more mental than anything!

I’ve learned how to train my mind to push my body to levels that I never knew I could reach. Most importantly, working out led me to discover my life purpose. It encouraged me to work on becoming the best version of myself, & this allowed me to inspire & help others to do the same for themselves. It might not be easy but I promise you it’s so worth it.


When I lost all of my excuses....I found my results!

A BETTER version of you starts today!

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